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Czech Plebstr: A new era of decentralized microblogging with Bitcoin tipping

With the rapid advancement of technology and increasing disappointment from traditional social networks, the Czech startup Plebstr is becoming an increasingly significant player in the new era of decentralized platforms. "The main breakthrough is realizing that decentralization brings freedom,“ emphasizes Alex Pilař, an angel investor in the Plebstr project and a team member of our new project, InoWatti.

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With potential monetization of Elon Musk's X network, Plebstr developers could offer an alternative platform where users aren't just passive recipients of content but can also reward quality content with Bitcoin tips. And what's so revolutionary about this concept? As Pilař points out: "On decentralized platforms, you can create without constraints. No one holds you back, unlike centralized networks like Twitter."

Looking back, Plebstr has its roots in the Tweetoshi project, which was a 2021 app allowing Twitter users (now X) to appreciate content not just with likes but with actual tiny amounts of Bitcoin. However, after Musk's taking over of Twitter, access to the content of this platform became restricted, that led to a greater focus on Plebstr.

Moreover, with the increasing unrest around the X network, Plebstr became attractive to investors. "In the spring, we started collaborating with the New York accelerator Wolf," says Pilař, which opened doors for Plebstr to further investment opportunities.

Nevertheless, while decentralization is gaining popularity, some believe platforms like X will retain their market position. "Twitter still has its relevance. Even Jack Dorsey came back," Pilař recalls. Yet, he believes in the potential of micropayments and "tips" as an alternative to traditional likes. "It's more than just another form of liking. It can change the way we perceive content value," Pilař concludes.

So, whether you're a fan of decentralization or looking for a new way to express your admiration for quality content, Plebstr has everything you're seeking. And who knows? Maybe one day we'll value quality posts more than just by clicking on a like.

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