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  • Bull Run is here, and with it, scams are on the rise - stay vigilant!

Bull Run is here, and with it, scams are on the rise - stay vigilant!

As the cryptocurrency markets revitalize and charts spike sharply, a wave of enthusiasm emerges – along with it, the associated risks. With the rising interest in crypto mining, our inboxes are filling up with queries about the latest hardware. Specifically, many clients are eager to know: When will the Antminer L9 be available?

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Our answer remains unchanged - it has not been released and pre-ordering is not possible. This information has been confirmed directly by a manager at Bitmain, a source we can certainly trust.

It's crucial to inform you, our readers and clients, that during times like a Bull Run, you must exercise extra caution. The creativity of "sellers" in these cases knows no bounds. We encounter not only the selling of unreleased models but also pure fantasy, such as the AR2 Miner, which promises otherworldly performances of 2200 Th/s.

What you should know about the current types of machines:

- Antminer L9 - the successor to the L7 model has not been released, and its specifications are not even known. Therefore, the device cannot be pre-ordered anywhere. This is confirmed by internal sources at Bitmain.

- Model S21 - delivery is expected in about a year and a half.

So, how do you protect yourself from purchasing non-existent machines?

- First and foremost, check the hardware being offered. Use reliable sources, such as our provided link (https://www.asicminervalue.com...), where you can find a list of all existing and functional types of mining machines.

- Ensure that the machine labels match standardized names. Don't be fooled by similarly sounding designations.

Don't be misled by promising offers for machines that may not actually exist. Approach your investments with prudence and verify all information and sellers.

We will continue to provide up-to-date information to ensure that your journey through the cryptocurrency world is safe and profitable. Be smart, be cautious, and watch your investments grow.

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