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Starting next month, we are introducing new types of machine installations, CKMA is introducing a new position - Ombudsman, and an American state has invested in Bitcoin ETFs.

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Starting next month, we are introducing two different speeds of machine connection.

We are responding to current market conditions and introducing two types of device deployment options. The first option is a guaranteed setup within 60 days with a significant discount compared to regular prices. The second option is rapid deployment within 48 hours for devices in stock. We plan to introduce this new feature next month. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team to learn more.

The Czech Cryptocurrency Association is introducing a new position of Ombudsman.

To improve the services for users of cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms in the Czech Republic, a new function has been introduced - the Czech Cryptocurrency Market Association Ombudsman (Ombudsman ČKMA).

This step is part of broader efforts to improve standards and transparency in the cryptocurrency industry. Tomáš Cuník has been appointed as the first ombudsman.

The U.S. state of Wisconsin has invested in Bitcoin ETFs.

The U.S. state of Wisconsin has become a pioneer in investing in Bitcoin ETFs, publicly announcing the purchase of shares in BlackRock's iShares Bitcoin Trust
valued at nearly $160 million. This bold decision, involving 94,562 shares in the first quarter of this year, was detailed in the 13F quarterly report submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, making Wisconsin the first state to publicly announce such an investment.
In addition to iShares Bitcoin Trust, the Wisconsin State Investment Board, known as SWIB, also invested in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) valued at approximately $64 million.

Founded in 1951, SWIB manages assets worth more than $156 billion, including the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) and other state trust funds.
This historic step could open the door for other state and government funds considering diversifying their portfolios through cryptocurrencies. If the investment proves successful,
it could generate wider interest and draw additional capital into the cryptocurrency sector.

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