• What happens if BTC loses most of its value?

What happens if BTC loses most of its value?

If you are not exchanging from BTC to FIAT (USD, EUR, AED, ..), the exchange rate is not that important for you. BTC is a long-term store of value, so most clients mine it, hold it and wait for a more favorable exchange rate.
Mining has to be profitable in the long run, otherwise BTC transactions would have no one to "count" (mining principle) and BTC would disappear. Currently, most of the machines in the network are outdated and with much lower performance than what we offer in our portfolio. It is the older, less powerful machines that would be the first to be disconnected and that would mean only one thing. A noticeable drop in difficulty and with it a higher return on our powerful machines. This is the main advantage of the combination of the most powerful machines and cheap energy.

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