Antminer KS3 8.3 TH/s PREORDER

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Date of connection: 2 months
Hashrate: 8.3 TH/s
Estimated gross revenue: 0.214840 BTC/year
Estimated monthly payout: 0.017903 BTC
ROI: -
*Values of profitability and ROI are indicative only. 2bminer does not guarantee these values, as current market developments influence them. The profitability of the machines can be verified in real-time through third-party websites.

Machine price

13 052 USD

Accessory price

3 580 USD

  • Air transport to the hosting location + warehouses
  • 550 USD
  • Insurance of the transported machine
  • 50 USD
  • Customs procedures at the specific destination
  • 250 USD
  • Fees for reserving a slot at the hosting center
  • 180 USD
  • Purchase of original wiring for the machine
  • 50 USD
  • Machine installation, wiring, configuration
  • 400 USD
  • 3 years warranty for all repairs
  • 1200 USD
  • 95% uptime guarantee ARO
  • 900 USD

Total price

16 632 USD

+2 350 USD Energy annually






195 x 290 x 430mm


16 100 g


75 dB






3 188 W


RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M


5 - 40 °C


10 - 90 %

A machine from the Bitmain Antminer family for KASPA mining. With its 8.3 T performance, it is one of the most powerful altcoin mining machines in the world. The power on said cryptocurrencies is automatically sold on the hashrate exchange, for which we then get straight BTC. The client is then paid twice every week. The unique mechanics make the machines even more profitable, compared to standard mining on an identical KS3 machine.

What You Should KnowThe real life of the machine is 6-10 years.

  • You have constant access to mining pool information to monitor mining in real time.
  • The energy cost is fixed and is always paid for a year in advance.
  • The payout is in Bitcoin, which is sent to your crypto wallet.
  • Our reward is 20% of the mining.

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